I’m A Winner: The Winnings Are Pouring In!

My Success as a Career Sweepstakes Winner: 

     1.    Two Tickets to a Special Screening of Adventureland Plant Earth

  • We showed up too late to get into the Adventureland screening last Thursday. Instead, we got vouchers to see Planet Earth in two weeks.  I am that much of a nerd that Planet Earth actually excites me more (although I do find it kind of disappointing that Adventureland is getting good reviews). 

      2.   Tennis or Golf Lessons

  • I totally forgot that I also won 6 tennis or golf lessons through a charity auction that E had to put on as part of her Americorps position. This is exciting. I am terribly uncoordinated and I’ve never really played either sport-so the instructor is in for a challenge. I also have no idea what sport to tackle. I’m leaning towards tennis because golf is a really expensive hobby-and I don’t own plaid pants.
       3.   Free Food
  • In the mail today, I received a coupon for a free Kashi frozen entree and  a free 2-liter of Diet Dr. Pepper. I’m glad that both companies coordinated their promotions so I won’t be either thirsty or hungry. Good work. 

Too bad I missed out on this deal: