Thank You India

My older brother is one of the only people I know who is still succeeding in this market. And I’m really happy for him. Really, I am. Partly because his company is still hiring! Yes, you didn’t read that wrong, I did say hiring. I figure that tons of lawyers get their first big break from exploiting family connections to get a job-why shouldn’t I exploit my brother’s position at his company to get a job, too? And you know what-it worked! I’m not doing anything glamorous. It’s only a temp position that will get me by while I look for a job, but it’s really nice to have access to a paycheck during the job hunt. And I can work from home. Which is AMAZING. I don’t even care how mind numbingly boring the work is-because I can do it while I catch up on all my favorite TV shows. 

So, thank you brother for interceding at your office and stopping the outsourcing of this particular job to India. Now I don’t have to call one of those signs posted at every corner where you can “work from home and earn $200,000”.

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