No Open Containers Allowed.

After a great weekend spent out of state connecting and co-miserating with law school friends, I made my way back to the city in time for a meeting with a temp staffing agency. I have another position lined up that should start at the end of the month but I’m going to try to line up something else before that position starts. 

Why won’t I just sit on my keester and wait for this new position to start? Well, where do I start….

1) I’m going to get paid only $1 more per hour over the salary at my last position (i.e. I basically got promoted to head fry chef at McDonalds).

2) It sounds like document review hell. The dress code is jeans and t-shirts and they warn people that they may want to reconsider if they have allergies to dust because we will be dealing with very dusty boxes (p.s. I have allergies to dust). 

3)The letter with information about the job states that we have a mandatory hour lunch but we will not be provided with refrigeration for our lunches. So, I’m expected to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for two-three months straight? 

4)The letter with information about the job also states that no open containers are allowed at work. We can bring soda and water only in closed containers. Is this position so horrible that only drunk attorneys are expected to take it? 

So, basically, this job has some major red flags. But I’m taking it until something better comes along-because in this economy, shouldn’t I just be happy to have a future paycheck lined up? 

At least I have a few weeks to enjoy refrigerated lunches.

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