I’m A Winner: The Winnings Are Pouring In!

My Success as a Career Sweepstakes Winner: 

     1.    Two Tickets to a Special Screening of Adventureland Plant Earth

  • We showed up too late to get into the Adventureland screening last Thursday. Instead, we got vouchers to see Planet Earth in two weeks.  I am that much of a nerd that Planet Earth actually excites me more (although I do find it kind of disappointing that Adventureland is getting good reviews). 

      2.   Tennis or Golf Lessons

  • I totally forgot that I also won 6 tennis or golf lessons through a charity auction that E had to put on as part of her Americorps position. This is exciting. I am terribly uncoordinated and I’ve never really played either sport-so the instructor is in for a challenge. I also have no idea what sport to tackle. I’m leaning towards tennis because golf is a really expensive hobby-and I don’t own plaid pants.
       3.   Free Food
  • In the mail today, I received a coupon for a free Kashi frozen entree and  a free 2-liter of Diet Dr. Pepper. I’m glad that both companies coordinated their promotions so I won’t be either thirsty or hungry. Good work. 

Too bad I missed out on this deal: 



Plan B

After posting the last entry, I realize that I do have a Plan B. It’s incrediably practical. I’m going to win sweepstakes. Tons of them. And maybe the Lotto. If my luck isn’t in finding a job, it’s probaby hiding somewhere else-and I’m thinking sweepstakes might be the trick. In fact, I’ve been working on this Plan B for a few months now. So far, my successes have been limited, but I have had some success.

My Success as a Career Sweepstakes Winner: 

1) Tickets to Oprah:

  • I was able to score two tickets to an Oprah taping. This wasn’t an official sweepstakes, but those tickets are so hard to get that I’ll count it. However, these weren’t tickets to the My Favorite Things taping. In fact, the content of the show was horrifying and scarring (child porn). So maybe this wasn’t a success. I’m crossing it off my list.

Take Two: 

My Success as a Career Sweepstakes Winner: 

  1. Two Tickets to a Special Screening of Adventureland
  • I just got word today that I won these tickets. I go to the show this Thursday. Even if it is not a great movie, it’s free. So it’ll stay on the list no matter what. 

Well, that’s it. Those tickets are all I’ve got so far. But every great career has to start somewhere, right?

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