This is Me

I’m a twenty-something freshly minted attorney trying to find my way: dealing with a new city, a recession, joblessness, a crappy apartment and a desire to find happiness again after the soul-sucking adventure that is law school. Thankfully, my younger sister, E, is my roommate and she comes stocked with food stamps thanks to her Americorps program, and a more positive life view thanks to not having gone through law school. Also, we live with two fabulous puppies.



  1. Be thankful you have the puppies. I live in a no-pets apartment and I’m bored and lonely. The internet keeps me company.

    • Maybe you could get a virtual pet? Seriously though, puppies make things much easier to deal with. Even if I had to use part of my bar study loan to buy a dog, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 🙂

      It’s hard to be sad when you can watch a dog trip over himself because he’s running too fast.

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