The Waiting Game

Well, I thought I’d have something new going on by now…and I don’t.

STILL waiting to hear what’s going on with the job in the Islands-basically playing phone tag for a whole week. Annoying. But I’m trying to stay positive-which, it turns out, is a lot easier said than done after a year of nothing but discouraging news heading my way. Hopefully I’ll know more in the next few days.

In other news-I have now seen old insurance policies for Kiefer Sutherland, Steve Jobs, Desi Arnez Jr. and C. Thomas Howell. This is really the most exciting thing that happens at my document review job. It’s all I have for entertainment. Sad, isn’t it?


Kiefer and the Virgin

Two quickie updates:

1) Today I went through old insurance policies and came across Kiefer Sutherland’s auto insurance policy from 1990. My brush with fame.  I now know his driving record from 1990. WOW. 

2) I was offered a summer law clerk position in the Virgin Islands. A trial run of sorts so that all involved can decide if it’s a good fit (all meaning me, the firm and the island). I need to get more details, but I’m thinking this could be good news- my way out of a career full of dusty cardboard boxes. It’s not an offer for a forever job yet, but it’s a start. A dust-free start.

So sometimes I am really really lazy

I have been sleeping on top of my comforter for three weeks. No sheets on my bed. Do you really expect me to blog when I’m living in these conditions? 

I think I’ll get back into the swing of things (i.e. complaining about my “new job” as a document reviewer) after Memorial Day weekend. I think my first priority should be sleeping on sheets again.

Back In The Saddle Again

Well, I’m back from the island and back in the job search for the time being (still no definitive word on how the long island interview was actually received). What fun. And what do I come back to? An e-mail reminding me that I’ll be dealing with very dusty boxes in two days when I go in for the training. Woot?

Thank You India

My older brother is one of the only people I know who is still succeeding in this market. And I’m really happy for him. Really, I am. Partly because his company is still hiring! Yes, you didn’t read that wrong, I did say hiring. I figure that tons of lawyers get their first big break from exploiting family connections to get a job-why shouldn’t I exploit my brother’s position at his company to get a job, too? And you know what-it worked! I’m not doing anything glamorous. It’s only a temp position that will get me by while I look for a job, but it’s really nice to have access to a paycheck during the job hunt. And I can work from home. Which is AMAZING. I don’t even care how mind numbingly boring the work is-because I can do it while I catch up on all my favorite TV shows. 

So, thank you brother for interceding at your office and stopping the outsourcing of this particular job to India. Now I don’t have to call one of those signs posted at every corner where you can “work from home and earn $200,000”.

I’m A Winner: The Winnings Are Pouring In!

My Success as a Career Sweepstakes Winner: 

     1.    Two Tickets to a Special Screening of Adventureland Plant Earth

  • We showed up too late to get into the Adventureland screening last Thursday. Instead, we got vouchers to see Planet Earth in two weeks.  I am that much of a nerd that Planet Earth actually excites me more (although I do find it kind of disappointing that Adventureland is getting good reviews). 

      2.   Tennis or Golf Lessons

  • I totally forgot that I also won 6 tennis or golf lessons through a charity auction that E had to put on as part of her Americorps position. This is exciting. I am terribly uncoordinated and I’ve never really played either sport-so the instructor is in for a challenge. I also have no idea what sport to tackle. I’m leaning towards tennis because golf is a really expensive hobby-and I don’t own plaid pants.
       3.   Free Food
  • In the mail today, I received a coupon for a free Kashi frozen entree and  a free 2-liter of Diet Dr. Pepper. I’m glad that both companies coordinated their promotions so I won’t be either thirsty or hungry. Good work. 

Too bad I missed out on this deal: