Isn’t One Of The Perks Of Working Supposed To Be Pay?

I’ve been writing to the HR person at a certain firm, trying to nail down whether or not I care to actually interview with their firm. An e-mail I received today helped me make up my mind. Here’s what they wrote that really sealed the deal: 

“You stated that you would hope to be compensated at a rate of $ per
year.  This is certainly attainable within our pay plan.  However, it would
not be guaranteed.  For the first year in the firm, the pay that you receive
is based primarily on the income that you generate for the firm.  For the
first three weeks, there is no salary paid, and you receive 80% of the
income that you generate.  Each three week period after that results in an
increase to the base weekly salary, starting at $200, then $300, then $400,
until it reaches $500 per week.  With each increase, the accompanying
percentage decreases.”

WHO ARE THEY KIDDING? I’m willing to take a pretty low pay rate-no lie, but I would actually like to be paid for my work. Is that too much to ask? Do they actually expect people to take them up on this offer?

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