Dress Code

My “boss” came into work today wearing quite the outfit: a stone-washed denim shirt that matches his amazing stone-washed denim pants. He is quite the snazzy dresser. He’s been known to wear acid-washed black denim jeans with a rainbow striped shirt. He also has quite the assortment of shirts with his initials embroidered on the shirt pocket. I’m pretty sure that this is anti-theft device, because his shirts are surely one of a kind. He must drive his wife wild.

If I’m to learn a lesson from him on how a “lawyer” dresses, then I’m really in trouble. None of my clothes have my initials on them. Also, I don’t know where I’ll find acid washed jeans for Casual Fridays.



  1. The Canadian Tuxedo is back in style? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

    • Well, I think my “boss” might be on the cutting edge of this fashion trend. So you better rush out to get some double denim outfits before all of the remaining denim shirts are snatched up, never to be seen again.

  2. Do you work for A.C. Slater or Mike Seaver?

    • He’s more like a Screech/AC Slater combination-if that is possible. And older. More like Dustin Diamond actually. A sad sad man.

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